Another shark from the family bamboo shark (or longtail carpet sharks, Hemiscylliidae) living in coral reefs off Papua New Guinea (only a small region off the northern and southern coasts from the eastern part) is the Hooded carpetshark (Hemiscyllium strahani). Like all the other epaulette sharks (Hemiscyllium), its distinct features are different markings, this time large white spots and small dark spots, and an unique black mask over the head and snout (like an ‘executioner’s hood’, thus its name).

Hooded carpetshark, © Randall, John E., found on

This up to 31.5 in -80 cm- long walking shark is in danger due to destruction of its rather small habitat by pollution or dynamite fishing, but may be exploited in the  aquarium trade. The IUCN considers this species as vulnerable.

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