Sharks come in all sizes. The order carpet sharks contains sharks as big as the whale shark but also as small as the Barbelthroat Carpetshark (Cirrhoscyllium expolitum). Where the former is up to 46 ft -14 m- long, the latter hits barely 12 in -34 cm.

Named after two barbels dangling from its throat regions instead of its mouth, the Barbelthroat Carpetshark lives in the China Sea. Due to its dark saddle-marks, it is often confused with its slightly bigger sister, the Saddled Carpetshark (Cirrhoscyllium japonicum). They are oviparous (that means they lay eggs) instead of ovoviviparous (give birth to living young that hatched in the uterus) like most shark species.

Since it is rare, I can only share an image of its sister:

Cirrhoscyllium japonicum nagoya.jpg
By OpenCage Systems –, CC BY-SA 2.5, Link

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