Even if there are enough shark species left for my weekly post (and highly interesting ones, too, in which I simply doesn’t know where to start) – for now, sometimes I have to switch to other chondrichthyes like rays or the exciting chimaeras – I share with you this week an amazing ray profile I found on thefisheriesblog.com (it is my ideal, I wish I could write like that): the Bat Ray (Myliobatis californica).

Like some sharks, Bat Rays were killed in their thousands due to human fear for “their” seafood (here: oysters), but what if crabs (which would be prey of Bat Rays) are the one responsible for oyster loss? Bloody complex food web (since there isn’t really a food chain), right?

Like Gotham’s caped crusader, Bat Rays soar through their surroundings. The Bat Ray is a key benthic predator and a model example of unique sensory adaptations, making the Bat Ray a hero in its own right!

via Dananananananana BAT RAY — The Fisheries Blog