Like its sister species, the blind shark, the bluegrey carpetshark or Colclough’s Shark (Brachaelurus colcloughi) shuts its lower eyelids when taken out of the water. Found solely off eastern Australia, it is a rare nocturnal species of the family brachaeluridae (blind sharks).

The bluegrey carpetshark is a stout little shark (up to 30 in -76 cm- long) with long barbels and large spiracles behind its large eyes. While adults are grayish to golden brown above and white below, juvenile sharks have a striking pattern of large black markings on a white background.

As shown in the video, bluegrey carpetsharks are caught for private aquariums, but also sometimes as bycatch in trawl, gillnet and tunnel net fisheries or as game fish by recreational anglers. Due to ist rarity (only 50 specimen have been encountered yet) and small habitat it is particularly vulnerable to urban development pressure, too (like the Port of Brisbane in Moreton Bay).

Moreton Bay Marine Park in Queensland and Cape Byron Marine Park in New South Wales try to preserve this species, but it is considered “Vulnerable”.

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