In 2015, a new shark species was found off Mexico: the Ginglymostoma unami (named after the Mexican university Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México). It is closely related to the Atlantic nurse shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum) and is known as Pacific nurse shark.

Ginglymostoma unami
Pacific nurse shark aka Ginglymostoma unami sp. nov., holotype, male (CNPE-IBUNAM 18850, 155.7 cm LT); image by Luis Fernando del Moral-Flores

Living in shallow Pacific waters from the south western coast of Baja California, Mexico, to Peru, including the Gulf of California, the Pacific nurse shark reach up to 9 ft -2.7 m- length. Like all nurse sharks it is nocturnal and bottom-dwelling with two fleshy barbels on the lower jaw (chemosensory organs to help find prey hidden in the sediments). These are sucked into its small mouth.

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