The Sliteye shark (Loxodon macrorhinus) is a little requiem shark, living in shallow coastal waters of the Indian Ocean and western Pacific Ocean from South Africa via Japan to Australia in 23 to 262 ft -7 to 80 m- deep.

Loxodon macrorhinus3.jpg
Loxodon macrorhinus von Tassapon Krajangdara –, CC BY 3.0, Link

The Sliteye shark is ovoviviparous (that means that the young are already hatching out of their yolk sac in the mothers womb in order to being born alive). Approximately 31 in -80 cm- long, the female gives birth to 2 to 4 pups of 15 in -40 cm- length.

Sliteye sharks are caught commercially for their meat, especially in Southern India and Northern Australia trawling fisheries, where it is one of the most common shark species caught.

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