Did you know that the denticles (tiny skin-teeth) of sharks are different? Some sharks have big denticles, others have got only tiny ones and others none at all. Some have got diamond-shaped denticles, others are  shaped like arrowheads, and this little shark has pitchfork-shaped dermal denticles (just like the Dorian Gray shark): the Longsnout dogfish (Deania quadrispinosa).

Longsnout dogfish (Deania quadrispinosa) in Fishes of Australia, image source: CSIRO National Fish Collection. License: CC BY Attribution – accessed 04 Sep 2016

Like other sharks of the family gulper sharks (Centrophoridae), the Longsnout dogshark is a deepwater shark and ovoviviparous. It has got a extremely long snout (hence the name), and lives in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and in the South Pacific at depths between 490 and 4460 ft -150 and 1360 m- (but usually between 1310 and 2690 ft -400 and 820 m). Since it only grows to about 45 in -115 cm – it is a rather little shark.

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