Did you know that the female of one of the smallest sharks, the Pygmy Ribbontail Catshark, gives birth to up to two 4.3 in -11 cm- pups at 7.1 in -18 cm- length herself?

Eradacnis radcliffei embryo (see yolk sack)
Eradacnis radcliffei fetus (see yolk sac) by K.V. Akhilesh, uploaded on fishbase.org

The Pygmy Ribbontail Catshark (Eridacnis radcliffei, named not after an actor but an naturalist) is a species of Proscylliidae (finback catsharks) instead of Scyliorhinidae (catsharks). It lives near muddy bottoms of the continental shelves in the Indo-West Pacific or off the Philippines at a depth of 233 to 2,513 ft -71 to 766 m. Female pygmy ribbontail catsharks are ovoviviparous and are capable of becoming pregnant at 6.5 in -16.6 cm- long, but grow substantially before giving birth at 7.1 in -18 cm- long.

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