Did you know that there are sharks named by children? The ninja lanternshark has been discovered in 2015, and the young cousins of the discoverer, Victoria Vasquez, got the honor to name it.

Like its near relative, the velvet belly lanternshark, the ninja lanternshark is a tiny deep sea shark. But unlike it, the ninja has got not only a black belly but is overall black like its namesake – except white markings around mouth and eyes.

Ninja lanternshark Vasquez et al 2015.png
By Victoria Elena Vasquez/Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation – [http://www.oceansciencefoundation.org/josf/josf17d.pdf Vásquez, V.E., Ebert, D.A. & Long, D.J. (2015) “Etmopterus benchleyi n. sp., a new lanternshark (Squaliformes: Etmopteridae) from the central eastern Pacific Ocean”, Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation, Vol 17, pp 43-55.], CC BY 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=45892475

The ninja lanternshark has got only a few of the quintessentially laternshark photophores (light-emitting organs) to complete the stealthy ninja image.

Its scientific name Etmopterus benchleyi honors Peter Benchley, author of the novel Jaws who later advocated shark conservation.

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