Did you know that there is a shark barking like a large dog? That is the little (normally no more than 1 m -3.3 ft- long) draughtsboard shark, ironically a species of the family catsharks.

Draughsboard shark
draughtsboard shark by Py1jtpOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0

The draughtsboard shark (Cephaloscyllium isabellum), named after the checkerboard pattern on its skin, lives only in New Zealand (there also known as carpet shark). Like all catsharks, it has oval cat-like eyes and lays egg cases with long tendrils.

Since it is also a species of the genus swellshark, the draughtsboard shark is able to inflate its belly in case of emergency. Usually by pumping water into its stomach, but, if hauled out of the water by a fishing rod, it may use air instead. A theory claims that this causes the barking sound – once the air leaves the stomach again in a very noisy belch.

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