Did you know that there are sharks with whiskers? The whiskery shark is a species of houndshark (like school shark and common smooth-hound shark) and lives on rocky seafloors at the west and south coast of Australia.

Shark melbourne aquarium.jpg
Shark melbourne aquarium“ von Joe BennettMelbourne Aquarium. Lizenziert unter CC BY 2.0 über Wikimedia Commons.

Female whiskery sharks mature at the age of 7 (male at 5) and reproduce every two years. They store sperm and give birth to 4 to 28 living pups. During the 7–9 month long gestation period, the embryos feed on their yolk sac and an additional nutrition in the form of uterine secretions called histotroph.

Whiskery sharks feed almost excursively on octopuses and reaches 1.6 m (5.2 ft) in length and 15 years in age. As one of the sharks used to make Australian fish and chips, whiskery sharks had been over-fished up to 2001, since then the population has been stabilized due to regulation measures.