In the face of overfishing because of aquaculture I wondered about this, too. Or what about catching introduced species like the abundant Asian carp to feed salmon or trout in aquaculture (a suggestion I read somewhere recently)?

Angesichts der Überfischung wegen Aquakultur habe ich mich das auch schon gefragt. Oder wie wäre es damit, eingeführte Arten wie die im Überfluss vorhandenen Asiatischen Karpfen zu fangen, um sie Lachs oder Forelle in Aquakultur zu füttern (ein Vorschlag, den ich kürzlich irgenwo las)?

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Insects may make you squirm, but they might just help feed the world as animal feed ( Insects may make you squirm, but they just might help feed the world as a sustainable animal feed.  This image is of black soldier fly prepupae, one potential source for insect-based feeds (

By Abigail Lynch

Some things just seem to make sense.  Take insect feed for aquaculture.  Many fish naturally eat insects; anyone who’s cast a fly rod can attest to that.  Insects are easy to raise; anyone who’s ever faced a fruit fly infestation can begrudgingly admit that.  And, they’re also high in protein and fat, as well as low in waste.  Insects are an economical, environmentally efficient, nutrient rich feed that could reduce the need for wild caught fish feed or other plant-based protein feed additives in aquaculture.  This seems like a win all around, right?

So, why aren’t we feeding more insects to farmed fish (or chickens or pigs, for that matter)?

Well, the answer isn’t…

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