This post shows unconventional forms of aquaculture. | Unübliche Formen von Aquakultur zeigt dieser Beitrag.

Wave For Waves

More good news! Underwater farming, otherwise known as Ocean Aquaculture is on the rise, and it is very sustainable. If this is done carefully and correctly, our oceans will gain more biodiversity, have cleaner water, and potentially turn kelp into a new source of nutrients for humans.

What exactly is Aquaculture you might ask? It is the farming of anything that lives in the ocean. So you have your fish, mollusks, clams, crustaceans, kelp, other plants, etc. that are being grown safely and under control, which is working to develop the ocean and fight against commercial fishing.

Aquaculture Example of a large aquaculture farm A new aquaculture farm located right off of the Long Island, is the Thimble Island Ocean Farm. They have 40 acres of the water dedicated to farming shellfish and kelp. In this process, they are also promoting the potential role that kelp could play in human…

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