As I mentioned here we used bottled water. The reason was that our children got stomachache, and by trial-an-error we concluded that water from the tap was the culprit. It isn’t a new house, and we didn’t know if the piping polluted the (in Germany normally healthy and clean) tap water. So we bought bottled water, first in non-reusable bottles and later in reusable PET bottles. But after doing further research for this blog I couldn’t condone that anymore.

So we switched back to tap water. Prior to that, we made sure to clean the faucet aerators at least every fortnight, and to fill the glasses only at the tap in the kitchen (after using the first 5 liters in other ways every morning – namely boiled for tea). The children resisted a bit due to the different taste, but I explained and eased them into it by mixing with gradually less bottled water. To date, the stomachache didn’t came back (knock on wood).

I tried to persuade my husband to suggest a water dispenser for both sparkling and still water at work. But he said that wouldn’t be possible (I think he didn’t dare to ask and potentially disgruntle his boss). So he is still using sparkling bottle water, but in reusable PET bottles from a no-name local firm. Germany has got more than enough groundwater, therefore using local firms can make sure there is at least no risk to the groundwater level in other countries. But in other countries like Pakistan or the US arise big problems.