One of many good posts on this site. I don’t agree to everything in this post, but it makes it clear that it isn’t that simple…| Einer von vielen guten Beiträgen auf dieser Webseite. Ich stimme nicht allem zu in diesem Beitrag, aber er macht klar dass es nicht so einfach ist…

Eat for the Earth

I’ve been working on this post for a while. I hope it has some new information and thoughts. I have a lot to say and the post is pretty long, but there are still things I couldn’t fit in. So ask about something if you’re looking for more. Also, I still have a lot to learn about food, so I may be leaving things out and saying things that aren’t supported by a lot of information. A lot of this is just thought.

It’s easy to think a product that’s grown 50 miles from me in my own state automatically makes more sense than something grown a few thousand miles away in a different country, or even continent. However, there are people who would disagree with me and they present many valid and powerful counter-arguments. Here is an example of some of these ideas presented in two articles. /

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