After posting several links about food (especially meat) one could ask what those are doing in my blog about the oceans – besides the obvious: eating fish, seaweed, clam, algae or other seafood (either from the wild or from aquaculture). This portion of our diet can be supplied by responsible fishers or aquaculturists intenting to protect the oceans, or by destroying the oceanic ecosystems, polluting the waters and depleting seafood stocks.

But there is more.

In a nutshell, production, transportation and packing of our food is responsible for polluting our oceans with waste and poisoning them with fertilizers and pesticides (leading to oceanic dead zones), produce a huge amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) and therefore leads to overheating and ocean acidification. That means, the well-informed customer choosing the right food makes a difference.

In the course of the next months I will write many posts elaborating on these matters.