Did you know that the female Dusty Shark is, contrary to popular belief, a very responsible mother?
UShaka Sea World 1083She

  • waits with maturing to have more life experience (not till she is between 17 and 32 years old),
  • can store sperm for years to await the right time,
  • carries her children up to 2 years in her placenta before giving birth to living pubs of 2.3 ft length,
  • provides her pubs with a good start in live by choosing shallow lagoons as nursery and storing masses of provisions in their liver (the pup’s liver, used as energy store and for buoyancy, make up about 20% of its body mass),

only to have to let them get caught leaving their nursery area by long-lines (up to 50 km long cords with more than 10 000 baited hooks) for their plenty of liver oil (to produce lubricants, cosmetics and dubious medical preparations) and big fins (for shark fin soup).