Even after reading Sylvia Earle’s interview I’m not quite ready to quit fish totally. I think that is a too big step in the moment. But are there not alternative solutions like aquaculture?

First of all: the numbers of fish-farms are increasing rapidly, but that is to increase the profit, not protect the oceans. It is costly to catch enough fish in the wild due to overfishing, that’s all.

There are many fish-farms out there where the pups are taken directly from the nursery areas in the oceans or rivers (eel for instance), the forage is taken indiscriminately and in wast amounts directly from the oceans (turned to fishmeal) and the waste and medicine goes directly back into the oceans. In my opinion, in most cases aquaculture is more damaging to the oceans than fishing.

It is not healthy for the fish, either: they are much to concentrated, don’t have enough space and need medicine to prevent illnesses from spreading.