As mentioned here, cosmetics, clothes and plastic waste cause tons of dangerous micro plastic particles in our waters.

What to do about that?

  1.  cosmetics: At first I wanted to suggest using self-made exfoliants like coarse salt mixed with almond oil – but the consequences of fat in the sewage system prohibit that. My only suggestion: look at the ingredients of facial scrubs, toothpastes and shower gels. If there is a “PE”, “PP” or “PMMA” in the product ingredients, don’t buy it. There have to be other cosmetics (maybe organic products) with natural ingredients such as ground-up apricot kernels, crushed walnut shells or dried coconut (has already been used before the late 1990) instead or without anything to exfoliate at all (why using toothpaste with microbads?).
  2. clothes: The rigorous solution would be using only clothes without synthetic fibre. A little step (and less expensive) would be paying heed to the fibre if you have to buy new clothes anyway, and otherwise use your clothes longer (or buy second-hand). It’s my hope that used clothes loose less microplastic during washing. Maybe one day there are washing machines able to filtering microplastic out of the waste water.
  3. Plastic waste: About limiting plastic waste I wrote already here and here. In addition: use recycling systems (take your waste back with you if there is nothing available) and make sure that recycling bins cannot be blown away.

Every little step counts.

EDIT: If there are no acronyms in the product ingredients,  polyethylene, polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate, acrylics or nylon are names of plastics used as microbeads, sometimes in addition to the advertised ground-up apricot kernels.