Did you know, that plastic rings from twist cartons, plastic gallon milk jugs, water bottles or Six Packs – if they end up in the ocean – deform and kill animals? They don’t have fingers to get rid of them, thus get stuck and subsequently cannot eat or get constricted growing.

If you want, look at the linked pictures below (I used pretty descriptive link texts to warn you):

seal stuck in plastic ring

seal with plastic collar

almost half a turtle

I don’t know if the rings with which you open milk or juice cartons here in Germany are dangerous, too, but why take the chance? There are certainly little baby animals out there who could get stuck in it.

One could say that the plastic waste don’t go into the ocean but on the landfill, in the recycling plant or incineration plant – but can one be sure?

What can one do?

I read about simple cut them once and wanted to suggest that, but then I found this:

duck dies because of cut plastic ring

That’s why I suggest to cut the ring in two pieces before dispose of it.
It’s only a little step to protect the marine animals, because the plastic pieces are dangerous, too, and it would be better to have no plastic waste in the ocean altogether – but every little step counts.