This is part 2 to oceans – mysterious worlds and what we do to them
For starters: I’m no economist – these are only my ideas.

Our possibilities (technological, legal and financial) advance more and more and make it possible to satisfy the wants and needs of the consumer to a greater extent (and awaken some more). This increased demand creates greed in the provider, who work ruthlessly towards enhancing even controversial technological possibilities and influence legal facts. This cycle is powered by money and needs to disrupted. For:

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not for every man’s greed.—Mahatma Gandhi

What to do about it?

One could start with the wants and needs.

I don’t drive at everybody gets only the bare necessities. But reflecting one’s needs, an informed decision and, indeed, self-deprivation, where necessary, by the consumer could go a long way (shark fin soup would be a good example). With my blog I want to contribute.

One could restrict the possibilities.

Not everything possible should be done. The legislature has to provide the general framework. In doing so, former unthinkable steps could be taken. For example the decriminalization of marijuana in some states threw a monkey wrench in former provider’s plans without the occurrence of any gloomily predicted consequences.Voters could assert their influence if there are enough of them.

One has to secure the abidance by the laws and stop corruption.

The provider can mostly only be hurt by one’s greed of gain: it has to be more profitable to abide by the laws than to break them.

I don’t see other ways, because I don’t think mankind can survive without the ocean. Or that mankind soon achieves capabilities and knowledge to turn the ocean into a big man-made environment and to manage it itself, like it is doing ashore only after a fashion.