After we had to switch from tap water (which is controlled and quite healthy in Germany, normally) to water bottles (long story), we just went to the next super market and carted plastic bottles home. Later, however, we rethought this easy way out, mostly because of the ecological issues (a plastic bottle is the Methuselah of waste).  Our conclusion: switching to reusable PET bottles. It is said that these bottles get refilled up to 10 times (compared to 50 times for reusable glass bottles), but they are lighter to transport (both to the beverage store and the customer’s home and after emptying everything in reverse) and thus more feasible for us in the moment. That means savings of nearly 90 percent (since reusable bottles are more stable than single-use bottles and contain a little bit more plastic). Maybe the next step is the glass bottle, who knows.

Additionally we bought hiking bottles with wide opening and simple cap for easy cleaning (even in the dish washer). They get filled with water from this big reusable bottles or, even better, with freshly boiled tea possibly mixed with some juice –  the kids have got enough to drink for school and it’s tasty.

Perhaps a big step instead of a little step.