I have been obsessed with the state of the oceans for a few years. But what can little old me, housewife and mother from backwater, Germany, do?

I searched information and shared them with neigbours. Often I was looked at uncomprehendingly.

I tried to make a difference in my daily habits – which turned out more often than not only as a flash in the pan because I started too big and my weaker self got in the way. So I set my sights lower, but kept at it. Small deeds proved to be easier, more likely to become permanent and brought satisfaction, too. And I’m convinced that every little step counts.

Today I decided to risk it and go online.

This blog is intended to present said informations, links and ideas for little steps usable for everyone to save our oceans and thereby save our blue planet.

It is named after the ocean, we came from the ocean an depend on the ocean, after all.